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Russell Nakamura

Russell Nakamura is a small business owner, insurance broker and property manager based in Calabasas, California. 

Originally from Seattle, he holds a BA and an MBA from Pepperdine University and a degree in professional writing from University of Southern California. He wrote for the Ruskin Group Theatre Co. in Santa Monica and performed readings of written work at The Getty Underground event at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Taking a more conventional avenue, he chose a family and business over pursuing a writer's life. He spent twenty years in business leadership with major companies, even acquiring an active clearance for The Department of Defense. Consequently, he spent the last decade-plus "away from the pen," during which time he built a company and started a family (which includes his lovely wife, two cute kids and a dog). 

Hamelin is his first creative work released with YouTube.

When advised that his author page photo was more than ten years old, he replied that he had gained weight, and "people don't need to know that."


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